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Cannabis affects everyone differently

I am a longtime cannabis educator and consultant who excelles in determining how marijuana can be productively used in peoples lives on an individual basis for more than a decade.

Cannabis can be a powerful intoxicant and have many unwanted effects. Many unwittingly choose products that make them too high while missing out on the benefits.

With an individualized plan your choice to use cannabis medicinally will be stress free and safe. 

"I was so afraid of trying cannabis for my back pain but was running out of options, I needed to get away from the pain pills. Your suggestion of trying a topical salve and CBD oil have been splendid. No psychoactive effect, lower cost and best of all, it works! Thank you!"

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Custom tailored for your life

To determine what works best for you I will meet with you preferably in person to discuss your needs and concerns before establishing a program for the introduction of marijuana in your life. You may decide smoking cannabis is for you but more likely a regimen of simple doses whether through treat, salve, pill or vaporizer would be the best option.

"Thanks to our talks I now know more about cannabis than any of my friends and family and have become their go to person to address questions and concerns"

Actual Testimonial (not photo)

Define needs, Set goals, Track results

I can will tailor an approach based on your medicinal needs and daily schedule restrictions. Together we will identify optimal administrations  treats, candies, tiny protein bars (vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, you name it) fresh each week.

I have 10 years of experience with individualized cannabis regimen creation and identifying or concocting the best means of ingestion to fit your life. 

I will remain available to you after the meeting for follow up questions. 

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I will sit with you or walk you through the confidential use of delivery services and choosing the right product for you